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Wooden and Aluminium Windows

Holz-Alufenster schräg versetzt
Holz-Alufenster schräg versetzt

Homelike inside, weatherproof outside

With the aluminium facing, the tried-and-tested wooden window has an ideal supplement. Aluminium offers durable protection against atmospheric influences such as rain, hail, wind and sun.

On the interior side, the wooden surface radiates warmth and comfort.

Aufgesetzter Alurahmen
Aufgesetzter Alurahmen

Welded Aluminium

All corners are welded. The aluminium frames are generously ventilated and mounted to the wood in a de-energised state with stable fasteners, so that the wood can breathe and the aluminium frame can expand in deviating temperatures without any obstruction.

The rebate drainage is invisible on the lower external side.

Vier Dichtungsebenen


Our wooden & aluminium windows have four sealing planes and are designed with wet glazing or dry glazing.

The windows are available in  IV 68, IV 78 oder IV 90.