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Wooden Windows

wooden window

Structure and Construction

  • High-quality wooden windows made of 3-layer glue-laminated profiles of 68, 78 or 90 mm thickness.

  • The glazing bead is rebated and is manufactured into frames with hot glue and stainless steel retaining clips. The mounting is covered using wire nails.

Constructive Wood Preservation

  • The water drainage channel is thermally separated with Transom covers.

  • Visible water drainage channel; on request, a wing cover profile

  • Option for special requirements for monument protection: blended wood water drainage channels


  • Griff

  • Vorgesetzter Wetterschenken

  • Außenansicht


  • Innenansicht


    • Fenster Altbau

      Holzfenster mit Holzleiste vor Regenschiene
    • Fenster Neubau

      Schnitt Holzfenster IV 90
    • Fenster Denkmalschutz

      Holzfenster mit vorgesetztem Wetterschenkel